About Us

mark joiner.com, formerly fourteenfifty, is a glass/design studio located in austin texas . the studio was founded sometime around 2004. mark, apprenticed in blown glass for 4.5 years before moving on to learn the technique of fused glass. this is one of the oldest known forms of glass working. placing small pieces of glass together and fusing them into one, at temperatures upward of 1450 degrees. the fusing takes place in a kiln similar to ceramics kilns but designed specifically for glass work.fusing the glass pieces into one piece is only the beginning. sandblasting, extensive cold work and sometimes, several more kiln cycles are all part of the process. it is usually a tedious, labor intensive affair. it’s all handmade, one piece at a time. we do run a sweatshop, summer time in austin texas is usually a hot one! we drink bad boy sodas! the pieces are unique and one of a kind. with a heavy influence in mid-century modern design, a love for colors that will hurt your teeth just to look at, we will continue to produce handmade glass work that you will not find anywhere else.