belt sizing! you generally want to go up a few sizes from your jean size. lets say you wear 32 waist jeans, a 36 strap should work great. the belts are measured from the middle hole, back to the end of the belt strap without the buckle. there are 3 additional holes on either side of the middle hole to allow for some tacos or another pint!! *belts must be purchased separately via the "belts" page listed under the home "buckles" page*

when will i get it? everything is handmade to order! general rule is your order will ship 5 to 7 days from when you place your order. if you need something in a hurry, email me first and see if we can work something out!

can you eat them?
not recommended!

how big are they?
approximately 2×3

how wide is the strap?
right at 1.5 inches wide

are the buckles durable?
yes! they are quite sturdy.